by Black Emerald

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released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Emerald Reading, UK

Black Emerald is a Reading area based band, sporting influences ranging from hard rock, thrash, doom, southern and progressive metal.

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Track Name: Blood Sport
Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live
You sign your name, you sign it in blood
The lord prevails and will reward
A mother’s love to kill her child
Sixteen years as Satan’s burden
Murder only resolution

Flames will never fade
Burn for righteous anger

This gathering will be the end of
All life as you know it now
Pig’s blood the catalyst of
All future Hell and darkness

Ashes blow in the wind
Bones will fade to dust

Through the town a murderous rampage
Chaos follows with her footsteps
Killing all in her path
Ultimate walking fucking bloodbath

Purge her soul with God’s white thunder
Plunge the knife into her shoulder
This shit ends here and now
One more death won’t hurt the cause

She is now broken on the Earth
A damned message she sends in fire
Annihilation in her eyes
Upon her soul cracked evil lies
Retribution not a sin
Revenge is so comforting

Blood rains from the sky
Track Name: B.O.D
Shoot it up and snort the line
Dropping acid and drinking wine
Smoking cigarettes all day long
Nobody told me death would be this fun
Drugs make a lucid suicide
Now I’m living a full-on genocide
Drink and smoke ‘til I fall flat
Abuse my body ‘til my brain is black

Drink ‘til I can’t remember my name
Get real high to numb the pain
Let’s go take a trip together
And go from here to the end of never

Corrosive substance no turning back
From smoking weed, to smoking crack
There are no consequences here in Hell
When really I’m just a wasted shell
Hallucinations of shadows are raping my mind
Tragedy befalls me and my impulsive appetite
Overdosing, indulging, a way to go insane
Hollow-man and I’m dead now, nothing left to fight

I left behind a family
But none of them want to know me
I’m sorry we took a trip together
Now we’re both gone forever

Remember my name
Numb the pain
Trip together
Gone forever
Track Name: Figure On A Barb Wire Cross
Fallen faith in a crown of thorns
False idols too far to fall
By my mind blood shall spill
By their hands the do my will
A brainwashed cult this family
Charisma I exude on thee
Helter Skelter all shall see
The message lives for eternity

On a
Barb wire
Figure on a barb wire cross

I’m not a God but no more a man
An effigy of my legacy
Act of God or an evil plan
Am I insane? You all will see
I know not what I am
Only what I have become
Fear spread by idolatry
The deeds survive the family

On a
Barb wire
Figure on a barb wire cross